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Welcome to FCA Dominican Republic

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

Get In Touch

We encourage everyone to donate through our online portals, when at all possible. It is easy, quick, and completely secure.  

~To the left is the link to donate toward Staff Support and General Funding. 

~To the right is the link to donate toward Mission Trips and Special Projects, such as yearly sports camps, resources for 3D Coaching training, and conferences.

We do understand that at times making out a check is preferable. When doing so, please use the following instructions:

1. When donating toward a Special Project, make the check out to FCA/org# 70637610 and include a memo, or attach a note, of which Special Project you are donating towards. When donating to General Funding & Staff Support, make the check out to FCA/org# 70637900.  

2. Send check to: Adam Collins, FCA Receipting Dept, 8701 Leeds RD, Kansas City, MO 64129.