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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What kind of impact does FCA DR make on a daily basis? 

Scroll through this page to discover exactly which channels FCA DR uses to make a difference in the lives of coaches and athletes in the Dominican Republic. 


Twice a year, in April and September, FCA DR runs team camps out of The Highlands-Tierra Alta in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. During these camps, we host four baseball teams and four basketball teams for two nights and three days. 

Each sport runs a tournament and team building games and activities during the days, while each night, there is a guest speaker and break-out small group sessions where all camp participants spend time in the Word of God together. These camps function as a powerful evangelistic outreach tool and help connect new athletes and coaches to the ongoing ministry of FCA in their own areas.


These are the life-blood of FCA ministry around the world. Huddles is the FCA word for small groups or Bible studies, typically happening at fields and courts where our staff or qualified volunteers are opening up the Bible, helping coaches and athletes connect their faith and their sport.FCA DR currently runs over 120 huddles, meeting the spiritual needs of over 3000 coaches and athletes across the southeastern end of the island. 


Throughout the year, FCA DR hosts 3Dimensional Coaching workshops. These workshops typically take between 25-50 coaches through all-day training on how to coach, not only the fundamentals of the sport, but also how to go beyond that and reach the mind and the heart of the athlete. 3Dimensional Coaching is an excellent program used by FCA around the United States and abroad and has broadened many coaches' visions for what coaching means. The program has also been a great influence in bringing coaches to faith in Jesus Christ.


If FCA DR was to pride itself on one thing, it would be the discipleship that is happening with coaches across the southeastern side of the island.Currently there are over 60 coaches being mentored and discipled by FCA staff in a one-on-one format. Our staff is investing in their spiritual lives, their marriages, and their families and being used to impact these coaches in an astounding way for the Kingdom of God.


Year round, FCA DR hosts a wide array of additional activities, ranging from running baseball and basketball clinics to hosting visiting groups (see additional information on our Mission Trips page) to weekend long marriage retreats for staff and coaches. We desire to continue to impact the lives of coaches and athletes after they set foot off the field and court and are grateful to be able to host these various activities that allow us to continue to make a further impact within the families and communities of the Dominican Republic, made possible through the avenue of sports. 

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